To our loyal customers -- thank you for your many years of support!

  In March of 2020, we sold our company.  We found homes for the brands that we believe will ensure that the products you love will continue to be made for years to come.  Because of the effort involved in moving and setting up the equipment it will likely be a few months before they are being made at their new homes, so please be patient and your favorites will soon be readily available again!

BB Bats taffy & Kits taffy have been acquired by Stichler Products in Reading, PA.  Their website is: Mega Candy Company / Stichler Products

Marpro Marshmallow Cones have been acquired by SNACC Nut & Candy Co in Cincinnati, OH.  Inquiries can be directed to

Stichler Products / Mega Candy Company SNACC Nut & Candy Co



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