History of BB Bats and Kits

The following is what we have pieced together about the history of BB Bats and Kits taffy.  

Fair Play Caramel Company (Fair Play Caramels, Inc.) started making the BB Bats and Kits taffy in 1924 in Johnson City, NY.  After many years of production by Fair Play, Gilliam Candy bought the brands in 1990 and made them in Paducah, KY.  The brands were subsequently licensed to Sophie Mae which made them in Atlanta, GA.  Sophie Mae was sold to Georgia Nut which made them under their "Family Brands" label in Skokie, IL.  Some were also sold under the "Georgia's Confections" name.  When Georgia Nut stopped making them, the brands were licensed to Warrell in 2009 and they made the candy at their Warrell Classic plant in York, PA until the fall of 2010.  Runk Candy acquired the equipment and brands in the summer of 2011 and re-commenced manufacturing in the spring of 2012 in Cincinnati, OH.

A collection of historical pictures is set forth below showing old packaging of the BB Bats and Kits.  (Note: A couple of these pictures link to third party websites in respect of their copyrights.)

BB Bats

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An interesting screen capture from the sci-fi movie "Super 8" showing Kits on the gas station counter.  Even in the movies, Kits are an excellent changemaker.

super8.jpg (263030 bytes)


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