Information about Nut Allergies

From time-to-time we receive inquiries from people concerned about nut allergies.

We manufacture two lines of products at our facility -- Marshmallow Cones and BB Bats & Kits taffy.

We do not use any nuts in the Marshmallow Cones.  The only oil is a trace amount of soybean oil.  All of the people inquiring about peanut allergies have told us that soybean oil is not an allergy issue for them.  All of our ingredients used in the Marshmallow Cones are indicated on the package: sugar, corn syrup, flour, gelatin, sorbitol, starch, soybean oil, baking soda, salt and some artificial colors and flavorings.  There is nothing else in the Marshmallow Cones.

The flour is wheat flour.  The starch is corn starch.

Allergy information for our taffy products is located at:

If you need any additional allergy or nutrition information, please e-mail us (see the e-mail link on the home page).


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